Laravel 5.5 : include css , js and image for boostrap theme .

Put your assets in the public folder public/css public/images public/fonts public/js And then called it using Laravel   {{ URL::asset(‘js/scrollTo.js’); }} // Generates the path to public directory public/js/scrollTo.js {{ URL::asset(‘css/css.css’); }} // Generates the path to public directory public/css/css.css {{ URL::asset(‘image/one.png’); }} //Generates the path to public directory public/image/one.png or {{ HTML::script(‘js/scrollTo.js’); }} // […]

Script php artisan clear-compiled handling the pre-update-cmd event returned with error code 255

In laravel there may be shown the following error when working with bellow laravel 5.3 projects . Cause composer structure has been changed .   So how to solve it : Its easy way to just replace the code in composer.php (Only bold sections) :   { “name”: “laravel/laravel”, “description”: “The Laravel Framework.”, “keywords”: [“framework”, […]

Laravel : Specified key was too long error

Laravel 5.4 or later  made a change to the default database character set, and it’s now utf8mb4 which includes support for storing emojis. This only affects new applications and as long as you are running MySQL v5.7.7 and higher you do not need to do anything. For those running MariaDB or older versions of MySQL you may […]