Android best libraries for android developers

Android best libraries for android developers

Fancy Toast:

Coloring toast message. It’s looking good and user friendly.
Fancy Toast is awesome library for developers.


Speed Dial Fab : 

Android library providing an implementation of the Material Design Floating Action Button Speed Dial.


  •  MinSdk 14
  •  Highly customizable (label, icon, ripple, fab and label background colors, themes support)
  •  Same animations as in Inbox by Gmail
  •  Option to have different icons for open/close state
  •  Optional overlay/touch guard layout
  •  Support for bottom, left and right menu expansion (left and right have no labels)
  •  Out-of-the box support for Snackbar behavior
  •  Optional support for RecyclerView and NestedScrollView behavior
  •  Support for VectorDrawable
  •  Easy to use


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