Android beautiful dialog and alert libraries

Android beautiful dialog and alert libraries

1 . Lovely dialog is a nice dialog third party android library . There has some good functionality that makes it awesome .


2 . Sweet alert   is also a nice dialog and alert library . It’s also have animation that makes it beautiful .


3 .android material dialog  is now default dialog for android . It’s also simple and nice .


 4.  Pretty dilog    is good for it’s nice close button .

5. No Internet Dialog   is very good for internet availability check dialog message .

6 . Fancy Dialog 

7 . iOS Style Dialog

8. Swipe Dialog 

9. iOS alert dialog 

10 . Animated Fancy Dialog  is very good for animated like apps .

11 . Color Picker 

12 . Circular dialog is good looking dialog .

13. simple Dialog with image and clean look

14. Blank Space  is very usable for list of data’s where no data found after search

15 . Awesome dialog is good small type dialog


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