Laravel 5.5 : include css , js and image for boostrap theme .

Put your assets in the public folder public/css public/images public/fonts public/js And then called it using Laravel   {{ URL::asset(‘js/scrollTo.js’); }} // Generates the path to public directory public/js/scrollTo.js {{ URL::asset(‘css/css.css’); }} // Generates the path to public directory public/css/css.css {{ URL::asset(‘image/one.png’); }} //Generates the path to public directory public/image/one.png or {{ HTML::script(‘js/scrollTo.js’); }} // […]

Script php artisan clear-compiled handling the pre-update-cmd event returned with error code 255

In laravel there may be shown the following error when working with bellow laravel 5.3 projects . Cause composer structure has been changed .   So how to solve it : Its easy way to just replace the code in composer.php (Only bold sections) :   { “name”: “laravel/laravel”, “description”: “The Laravel Framework.”, “keywords”: [“framework”, […]