Working With ionic and cordova : Part-1 Installation

Working With ionic and cordova : Part-1 Installation

Ionic is a good platform for hybrid mobile apps development , both for android and ios . There has some good stuffs and good functionality . We can make app only with HTML , CSS , And java Script framework like angular .

So lets start –

Step : 1

Fist of all we have to install node js of our machine . Go the node js website and download and install it .

Step : 2

From this step we can follow the ionic docs from here

to install ionic and cordova first open your cmd prompt for windows and terminal for mac and linux

then paste it and enter

npm install -g cordova ionic

it will make insure to install ionic and cordova



Now go you drive where you want to create  project

like i have made a folder on O Drive and name the folder is “ionic Projects”

the go there from cmd as

cd O:

cd ionic Projects/


ionic start myApp tabs

it will create a tab based project named “myApp”


step : 4

To Build and Run project for android

cd myApp
ionic platform add Android
ionic build Android
ionic emulate Android

if every thing is ok then it will show the following type of project on emulator


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